Sunday, May 3, 2009

one week in

one down, thirteen to go. i am pretty about three months from when when i need my support raised by and at a lofty 7%. i can honestly say... this is not what i'm gifted in. i really don't have a heart for it. i mean don't get me wrong i'm excited for what i'm going to get to do when i'm done. but that's where my heart is. i do really enjoy the actual support appointments, it's just getting to that point that i really don't have any talent in. i hate talking on the phone. like with fiery passion hate, like how much george bush hates terrorism. but it's really been a stretching thing you know? i can honestly say that it's not me getting things done. because if it was me i'd be at a whopping 0%. so i am truly thankful for that.

on a lighter note i've been listening to a cd a ton that i plan on purchasing on tuesday. the band's name is the dangerous summer and the lp is called 'reach for the sun.' it comes out on may 5th on hopeless records. i originally stumbled upon this band's first ep, 'there's no such thing as science,' before they were signed back in early 2006. to say that i listened to it a couple times is like saying napoleon kinda invaded a few countries. the ep was re-released with a few new tracks when the band signed to hopeless records, with the help of fellow baltomore band all time low, under the title 'if you could only keep me alive' in 2007.

really the only way to describe this band is they are the band that opens for the band that you went to see. they didn't change your life but they were a solid band. they blend a gritty, emotional, openness in their lyrics with a catchy but not overly polished sound. i think more than anything, tds are reminiscent of a nostalgic sound i have been listening to for years. it's this nostalgic sound that's like going home from college over christmas break. all your friends are getting together taking a break from the present to remember the past. the lyrics, while not profound, are honest, and its not always pretty.

listening to:
the dangerous summer - reach for the sun

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  1. You're going to do well with support. Just hang in there and keep plugging away. It's part of what God has called you to, so He's going to give you what you need to do it!